Monocle Designs is a celebrated Sydney based, interior design firm established by Richie Stevens. Monocle Designs has a focus on providing cutting edge concepts and spaces - being at the forefront of interior design trends with an emphasis on the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors. Monocle Designs specialises in providing a holistic approach to interior design delivering and realising concepts across all design facets including branding, custom furniture, creative spaces, design management to project fruition. At Monocle Designs the client is at the centre of everything we do which fosters collaboration and personalisation for each project. We want to move away from the traditional client relationship and go above and beyond client’s expectation, taking them on a journey together throughout the project. Monocle Designs works with leading global and local suppliers ensuring every client is delivered a unique one of a kind project that meets their budget.




About Richie Stevens


Richie Stevens is an accomplished interior designer with over 10 years of experience working in design. Richie became a nationally recognised interior designer after his debut on Channel 9’s Home-Made TV program. Richie has previously worked with leading brands such as Bunnings Warehouse and Wattyl and has graced many magazines across the nation. Richie’s success can be attributed to his abundance of natural flair and creative talent together with a wealth of knowledge in the interior design industry.